Core Team

Armand Doucet, Co-Project Director and Co-Author, is a multi-award winning educator, best-selling author and one of the world's most recognized teachers. He is a sought after global leader and speaker whose only goal is to leave the world in a better place for his 3 young children.

Elisa Guerra, Co-Project Director and Co-Author, was named "Best Educator in Latin America and the Caribbean" by the Inter-American Development Bank in 2015. She is the author of more than 20 learning textbooks and children's books. Elisa is part of the UNESCO International Commission for the Futures of Education.

Ana RoGu, Illustrator, is studying towards her Degree in Animation and Digital Art at TEC de Monterrey, in Mexico. She has designed logos, food product labels and book covers. She is the illustrator of the series of children's books "Around the World".

Ollie Bray, Co-Project Director and Education Ecosystem, is a multi award winning teacher, school principal and author with an international reputation for school and system wide education improvement. He is currently a Director within the Global Programmes team at the LEGO Foundation where he is leading the Foundations COVID-19 response on distance learning.

Lorna Kerr, Communications Director, has worked for Scotland's National Education Improvement Agency, Education Scotland, for over a decade where she is currently Marketing and Events Lead for Digital Learning and Teaching. She is also an ambassador for a number of outdoor brands including Salomon, Sungod and Acai.


The following people and organisations have helped translate Hope, where are you? into over 30+ languages - just amazing!

Qatar Foundation - ARABIC
BRAC International - BANGLA
Lemann FoundationBrazilian - PORTUGUESE
Fan Lin (Confucius Institute of Scotland) - Mandarin Chinese
Gitte Ottesen (LEGO Foundation) - DANISH
Aurelien Avenel (Kingussie High School) - French
Andy MacDonald (Kingussie High School) & Sarah Fraser (Newtonmore Primary School) - GĂ idhlig
Georgine Paltner & Anita Anastacio(LEGO Foundation) - GERMAN
Shenshen Hu(LEGO Foundation) - HUNGARIAN
Armando Persico- ITALIAN
Mio Horio & Hidekazu Shoto - JAPANESE
Sohee Won (LEGO Foundation)- KOREAN
Milan Dahal (Tufts University)- NEPALESE
Nataliia Kiseleva - RUSSIAN
Elisa Guerra- SPANISH
Anna Dudich- UKRAINIAN
Gethin While- WELSH
Jim Tuscano & Nico Fos- FILIPINO
More Coming Soon
More Coming Soon

Extended FAMILY

The following people have significantly helped take this project from dream to reality:

Hannah Henderson

Kingussie High School, Scotland

Hamish Henderson

Kingussie High School, Scotland

Morven Bayton

Kingussie High School, Scotland

Ian AdamsonKingussie High School, Scotland
David GilmourEast Lothian Council, Scotland
Anne KohliUNICEF
Carly Ciarrocchi
Anand Ramaswami Google
Ani AttamianGoogle

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